Too Loud to Be Quiet

        Still in our infancy, scooting across the floor in our leak-proof diapers and reaching for every object placed out of our reach, we are BLACK NOISE PRESS.  Our mission begins with birthing teachable moments—the moments that leach onto the space between your eyebrows and chomp away the blinding ignorance that obstructs your third-eye from utilizing its thousand-yard stare.  BNP strives to accomplish this objective through an action O. Stevens often refers to as proactive poeting, which unites the haunting then, the hunting now and the future that threatens to be a combination of the two.  By bringing attention to aspects of American life that we often prefer not to see, through claims of colorblindness and the absence of racism, BNP attempts to unveil the ghosts of our past, combat the predatory present and prevent our tomorrows from becoming spawns of hatred and ignorance.
        Yesterday we were a class assignment that asked students of a poetry workshop class to put together a small compilation of poetry by folding 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper in half and binding the pages together with a long-armed stapler. Today we are one poetry chapbook, a few t-shirts, a canvass bag and a couple of paintings.  Tomorrow we aspire to be THE literary journal for the next generation of Black writers, artists and intellectuals; a distributer of teachable moments wielding the influence of humanity, understanding, knowledge, unity and hope--California dreamin'.

        Leonardo DaVinci wrote: "Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen." Through any and all mediums, BLACK NOISE PRESS endeavors to be seen, to be heard, to engulf the mind and to be the wrenching feeling buried in the core of your body that wishes, cries for and demands the type of change that insures Black boys make it home every night without being pierced by bullets from a cop's, a vigilante's or another brother's gun. We are braving life, abhorrent change's killers, never overlooking institutionalized society's effectiveness--particularly restricted ethnicities systematically subjugated.  

BLACK NOISE PRESS refuses to be silent

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"Know better to be better and know more to be more."
--BLACK NOISE PRESS founder, O. Stevens